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Creator and programmer of Magnova. They/them. I'm currently working on programming Magnova, which is requiring that I learn a heck of a lot from the web.

With dedication and luck, Magnova will be a system for organizing grassroots action around the world. I endeavor to create something that anybody can use for a wide variety of missions. My personal goal for this platform is to implement a sharing economy of social ownership and social profit, focused on distributing resources to people who need them rather than maximizing profit. Nobody should be wanting for basic human needs. Unfortunately, in this world, people all around us are suffering for countless reasons of simple inefficiency in resource distribution. That inefficiency isn't a failure of the system, it's a feature. Poverty is created in the pursuit of wealth, which is fundamentally a form of disparity in a money-driven economy. By creating self-sustaining initiatives of good production and distribution that give and share instead of sell, I want to make a world of free life for all. That freedom leads not to laziness, but to recovery from the burnout of capitalism. Freedom allows us to exist in peace, to help our neighbors, to help strangers, and to innovate beyond the boundaries of what humanity has heretofore believed possible.

Next up:

~ Tasks (partly implemented): Being able to arrange tasks in timelines or hierarchies is a key part of project management. I'll be studying existing project management tools for inspiration, then level up Tasks.

~ Location-based instantiation of projects and tasks. After Tasks are a bit more polished, I'll be using the logic from issue localizing to make it possible to clone projects, along with their tasks, to a location.

~ Task Reports so people can submit a debrief on what they did, the hours they spent on it, and some documentation that they did it.

~ Talk Pages and comments (mostly implemented): Replies to comments

~ Image uploading

~ Projects (partly implemented)

~ Browser compatibility (improved, but much work to be done on non-Chrome and mobile browsers)

~ Locations: I'm looking at datasets to see what can be imported to auto-fill up nations, internal administrative boundaries*, and cities. *Internal administrative boundaries are what "states" are in the US, but other countries do things differently. They have different numbers of levels of internal divisions, and they have different names for those levels. There wasn't really an elegant way to auto-populate these, so it's up to users to plug in info for specific places! I have programmed and am about to release a Leaflet-based UI for finding places and importing geoJSON for them to create local databases. I've already uploaded information for Earth's countries, the US states, the counties of NJ and Delaware, and the cities of Camden County. I'm also largely done with the wiki pages for locations, but they will be somewhat lacking in gravity until I can get the local forms of issues, projects, and tasks up and running. That's a lot of work, but straightforward enough given what I've planned out!

    ~a possible source for GPKG data, which could be read on Leaflet with this library.

~ User verification system. To explain this a bit, I want to operate by the philosophy that Valve became famous for: everybody has the same privileges as everybody else, so the most important decision you can make is to onboard somebody. Magnova's purpose is to create a robust community of people making the world a better place, and although this is noble, there are certainly people who are opposed to grassroots organizing, or who seek to exploit others. I am a lifelong student of novel models of self-governance, and I'm open to suggestions. I'll be designing a moderation system that I think is pretty fair, but let me know if you have other ideas. Part of getting an economy of social profit off the ground will involve measuring people's contributions, and to ensure that is taken seriously, verification of those project contributions will need to be done by somebody trustworthy (a verified user). Moderation will need to happen too, and I don't want to create a virtual police state by hand-picking moderators myself. Anyway, this is underway.

~ Proper bug reporting (or at least the beginning of it)! I also looked at jsdiff package by kpdecker and the diff-merge package by asmartbear, and might investigate those further in the future.

~ Messages. I will be researching what encryption packages are available for Node.js to make sure messages start out completely secure.

~ Resource management scheme

~ Products and distribution management tools

~ Plenty more little things that will make this website top-notch!

Features Completed

~ Revision history was originally integrated with node-diff3 and 3-way Text Merger code by Krassmus. Some characters are glitching and this will require debug. I've also encountered a very strange bug with one of my edits turning into gibberish, so I cleaned up the editing proccess and swapped in Google Diff.

~ Local Issues

~ Recursive Location system

~ Leaflet map interface

~ Wiki editing system

~ Automatic Talkpage generation for Issues, Projects, Tasks


In my free time I consume radical media, eat vegan donuts, and explore what the rest of the world is doing to make life better and easier for all. I taught myself web development from online bootcamps and completed all 3 pokedexes in Pokemon Sword, and I'm still poor. You can commission me to make a website for you, though! My g mail is reconcilographer .

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You Shouldn't Have to Pay to Be Alive

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